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Working Group Food Contact Materials [FCM]

The EU’s chemicals strategy for sustainability towards a toxic-free environment
Chemicals are essential for the well-being, high living standards and comfort of modern society. They are used in many sectors, including health, energy, mobility and housing.
However, most chemicals have hazardous properties which can harm the environment and human health.
The EU already has sophisticated chemicals laws in place, but global chemicals production is expected to double by 2030. The already widespread use of chemicals will also increase, including in consumerproducts.
The European Commission published a chemicals strategy for sustainability on 14 October 2020. It is part of the EU’s zero pollution ambition, which is a key commitment of the European Green Deal.

“one substance - one assessment” for chemicals.
In December 2019, the Commission published its European Green Deal, announcing a chemicals strategy for sustainability. The Commission will look at how to simplify and strengthen the legal framework and review how to use the EU’s agencies and scientific bodies better to move towards ‘one substance – one assessment’. In August 2020 EFSA and ECHA have drafted a joint position paper around the idea of one substance - one assessment for chemicals. The paper provides an analysis of the current situation and proposes solutions that support simplification, cost savings and improved regulatory predictability.

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